Just as exciting and challenging as the Rec Room Version, this game fits easily into your trunk making it perfect for tailgating. It will also look great in your rec room, man cave, or basement.

Made of light weight painted wood, this Tabletop Football Gameboard comes ready to play with a collapsible metal stand, a down marker, one ball and 10 defensive players.

Tabletop Football Tailgating Version

Rules for Tabletop Football

TableTop Football is a game that will challenge your coordination skills as well as your football strategies.


How to Play TableTop Football!

The winner of the coin toss starts by placing the ball at the 20 yard line (on the white dot). You have four downs (or four tries) to get the ball into one of the three scoring holes behind the other goal line: there are two field goal holes and one touchdown hole. If the ball falls into any hole along the field, this is counted as a down. The down marker is moved to that position along the side line and turned to the next down. The ball is placed just behind this hole and play continues until the player either scores or runs out of downs. If the ball falls off the board, it is counted as an incomplete pass and loss of a down. The ball is placed back at the point where the ball was last downed. If the player does not score after the fourth down the other player takes over directly behind the hole of the opponent's last down. If the ball falls into a scoring hole at the player's (offensive) end, it is counted as a fumble and recovery by the defense in the end zone and is scored appropriately for the defensive team. A quarter consist of each player having two possessions. The game is won by the player with highest score at the end of four quarters.

Experienced Add (optional) Defensive Players

When the offense begins his first down, the defense places three defenders at the line of scrimmage and two defenders at least ten yards back. The line of scrimmage is the front edge of the hole or the 20 yard line at the start of the possession. The defense can be set in any position (meaning the men can be turned or positioned in any direction or formation). The defense can reposition his players at the start of each down. The only time the defense can put all five men on the line of scrimmage is when the ball is within ten yards of the goal line. At that time, the defense can do a "goal line stance" with all players lining the goal line, or can be positioned around any scoring holes. The object of the offense is to go through or around the defensive players on each down.

Team Play (2-8 Players)

Team Play for up to 8 players can also be utilized for larger groups. This is done by alternating players for the possessions allowed during the game. This is a great way to get more than 2 people involved in a fun and competitive game!

TableTop Football Accessories

TableTop Football Set of 3 Balls
Need extra balls? Order this set of 3 game balls for TableTop Football Gameboards.
TableTop Football Set of 10 Players
Order an additional set of defensive players. Set includes 5 red and 5 blue.
Tabletop Football Rec Room Version
Tabletop Football Tailgating Version
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